Advent Series:  The Carols of Christmas

December 1, 2019
“A Song After the Silence”  In silence we may hear God speak.
Dr. Jeff Clark
2019 12-1-bulletin    (bulletin)   (audio)


December 8, 2019
“Mary’s Song” Mary understood that her baby would alter the course of history.
Dr. Jeff Clark
2019 12-8-bulletin  (bulletin)    (audio)


December 15, 2019
Guest Speaker – Dr. Wayne Hager
2019 12-15-bulletin (bulletin)   (audio)


December 22, 2019
The Carols of Christmas
“The Gloria”
Be Reconciled to God: Peace on Earth and Mercy Mild
Dr. Jeff Clark
2019 12-22-bulletin  (bulletin)   

December 24, 2019
Christmas Eve Service
“Unexpected Gift”
Dr. Jeff Clark
2019-12-24 Christmas Eve Service  (bulletin)

December 29, 2019
“Retrospect and Prospect”
Dr. Jeff Clark
2019 12-29-bulletin  (bulletin) (audio)